Find Facebook Friends by City

Find Facebook Friends By City : Smart Checklists are automatically created based upon, claim, which city you reside in; you cannot produce them yourself from the ground up (like you could with a Smart Playlist in iTunes, as an example).

Find Facebook Friends By City

BUT - you could utilize this policy to look for close friends in a given city (by temporarily changing your Existing City)!

Here's what you do:

1. On the Facebook web page, near the top left, click Edit Profile

2. Under the "Living" area, click Edit to transform your Current City to the wanted city (state, "Gotham").

Note: If you do not desire pals to get a Facebook message that you have actually relocated to Gotham, you could make the personal privacy setup for this datum to be "Only Me."

3. Head back to your Buddies checklist ( and also BOOM, a Smart Checklist has actually been developed for Gotham (or wherever). Woo-hoo!

4. To see whether that Joker from high school is still staying in Gotham (I went a long way for that joke), click the new city list, click Manage Checklist in the top right, and then click Edit List.

User-friendly? Nope. Reliable? Yup.

Then, when you're done tracking your buddies in Gotham, you could alter it back and also reset the personal privacy setup.

Take pleasure in!