How to Copy A Video From Facebook

How To Copy A Video From Facebook - I stumble upon the comparable circumstance; it bothers me for a while (however not plan to share the video clip on other Apps).

It appears that there's no legitimate video clip LINK even when I right click on it. There is a "Replicate Video Address", however when I replicate and also paste it on brand-new tab, the URL appears to be something such as this "blob: https% 3A// ...".

How To Copy A Video From Facebook

So I attempt a number of courses and also located an additional technique, which works excellent to me, although it might be bit of indirect (on the Web-based system).

1. First off, click the video you wish to share. The video will be bigger, after that discover and touch the down arrow on the top right edge, click "Embed".

2. A dialog turns up. Tap "Advanced Settings". Miss the code supplied in the textfield.

3. Scroll a little bit to "URL of video clip", then right here we go!

I think there need to be an additional easier method to do that, or perhaps your Facebook interface is various from mine, yet hope this could be a little help.

Incidentally, the LINK functions well on mobile if you click the web link using smart device. It will instantly play the clip for you.