Search for Friends On Facebook by Location

Search For Friends On Facebook By Location : Smart Lists are automatically developed based on, say, which city you stay in; you cannot create them on your own from square one (like you could with a Smart Playlist in iTunes, for instance).

Search For Friends On Facebook By Location

BUT - you can utilize this rule to look for close friends in a given city (by momentarily altering your Current City)!

Here's what you do:

1. On the Facebook home page, near the leading left, click Edit Account

2. Under the "Living" area, click Edit to alter your Existing City to the wanted city (say, "Gotham").

Note: If you don't desire friends to get a Facebook article that you have moved to Gotham, you could make the privacy setup for this datum to be "Just Me."

3. Head back to your Friends list ( and also BOOM, a Smart Listing has been produced for Gotham (or any place). Woo-hoo!

4. To see whether that Joker from high school is still living in Gotham (I went a long way for that joke), click the brand-new city list, click Manage List in the top right, and after that click Edit List.

Instinctive? Nope. Reliable? Yup.

Then, when you're done tracking your friends in Gotham, you could transform it back and reset the privacy setup.

Delight in!