Clear Search History On Facebook

Clear Search History On Facebook - For your benefit, Facebook for Android checklists your current searches whenever you search for something on your phone. While this attribute is helpful when you need fast accessibility to a previous search, it also exposes every one of your personal search terms so that any person who has access to your phone can see them. To prevent an embarrassing situation, you should get rid of those search terms from the Lately Searched section. This tutorial gives a detailed overview for eliminating them exactly on your phone with no extra software program. Continue reading to find out exactly how.

Clear Search History On Facebook

Before you adhere to the tutorial, ensure that your Facebook app is current. You can download the most recent update for Facebook from the Play shop.

This tutorial works for all Android phones, including Samsung, HTC and also LG phones, regardless of your OS variation.

1. Open up the app cabinet, and release the Facebook app on your Android phone.

2. To access the search history, simply touch the magnifier icon on top right of the application's interface. When you see the Just recently Looked section, long-tap on any type of search product and pick Edit Task Log. Alternatively, you could just tap the Edit switch.

This section could also be accessed from Even more -> Task Log.

If you use the second technique to see the search log, make sure that you set the Filter to Browse so that unimportant logs are strained.

3. Now that you have access to the search log, you can by hand get rid of individual items by tapping on the X switch at the end of the search log line. Please note that there is no erase confirmation whatsoever. Once you tap the button, the search item is gone. If you intend to eliminate every search term from the log, touch the Clear Searches switch, as well as faucet Verify to continue.

4. When you are done, you will need to revitalize the information by swiping down so that the Lately Looked section can be gotten rid of.