How to Delete All the Messages From Facebook

How To Delete All The Messages From Facebook - Erasing messages on Facebook is a frustrating as well as tiresome procedure. It takes several actions, and there is no chance to delete several messages at once. Unless, you install an expansion that handles all of the deletion for you. This particular expansion operates in Google Chrome.

How To Delete All The Messages From Facebook

By default, Facebook does not allow individuals to remove multiple messages simultaneously. If you intend to remove a message, you have to first open it and afterwards remove it which can be a laborious procedure. On the primary Messages home window, there is an "archive" choice that makes messages vanish, yet it doesn't erase them. That leaves us with two alternatives: Experience each message and also erase it one by one in a grueling repitition. Or, utilize an extension like Facebook Rapid Remove Messages for Google Chrome.

To obtain begun, go to the Facebook Quick Erase Messages homepage in the Chrome Internet Store and also install the expansion.
To function properly, the expansion will require accessibility to your browsing background, data on Facebook and also various other internet browser settings. Click Contribute to confirm setup.

After installing the extension, simply login to your Facebook account and also open your Messages page. Instead of an archive switch, it will certainly now show you an erase option (check out the screenshot below for an example). The specific "x" switches will certainly let you erase one message sometimes directly from the inbox; you will not need to go right into them like previously.

You can also erase your entire message box with Erase all switch.
Caution: The extension does not request for confirmation when you click on the Erase switch, one click and also your messages are gone

Overall this extension has actually been an useful device that has actually saved me a lot of time getting rid of old and unwanted messages from my Facebook inbox. I confess's annoying that Facebook does not supply a simpler means to remove using its default user interface, but perhaps Facebook has something to acquire from customers that do not erase messages ...