How to Erase All Facebook Messages

How To Erase All Facebook Messages - Deleting messages on Facebook is an aggravating and tiresome procedure. It takes several steps, as well as there is no other way to erase numerous messages at once. Unless, you install an expansion that handles all of the removal for you. This certain expansion operates in Google Chrome.

How To Erase All Facebook Messages

By default, Facebook does not enable individuals to delete several messages at once. If you wish to erase a message, you need to first open it then erase it which can be a tiresome procedure. On the main Messages window, there is an "archive" option that makes messages go away, but it does not remove them. That leaves us with two options: Go through each message as well as delete it individually in an intense repitition. Or, make use of an extension like Facebook Rapid Erase Messages for Google Chrome.

To get begun, go to the Facebook Rapid Remove Messages homepage in the Chrome Internet Shop and also install the expansion.
To function correctly, the extension will certainly call for access to your surfing background, data on Facebook and other browser settings. Click on Add to verify installment.

After setting up the extension, just login to your Facebook account and also open your Messages web page. As opposed to an archive button, it will certainly currently show you a remove option (check out the screenshot listed below for an example). The individual "x" buttons will certainly allow you remove one message sometimes directly from the inbox; you will not have to go into them like previously.

You can even delete your entire message box with Erase all button.
Caution: The extension does not request verification when you click on the Erase switch, one click and also your messages are gone

In general this expansion has actually been an useful device that has actually conserved me a lot of time removing old and unwanted messages from my Facebook inbox. I confess's annoying that Facebook doesn't give an easier method to erase using its default interface, however probably Facebook has something to obtain from individuals who don't delete messages ...