How to Get Old Facebook Messages

This my blog website shows you How To Get Old Facebook Messages, You can do this from within the Facebook Provider application, or you can use the computer Facebook website.

How To Get Old Facebook Messages

Below are the steps to find it:

1. Go to and also pick the individual (or team).

2. Right click on "See Older Messages ..." and also replicate the link.

3. The URL you replicated will include something similar to this: & last_message_timestamp= 1234567890123-- The number in this LINK is telling Facebook what time as well as day to begin looking for messages. This timestamp is a Unix Timestamp and is measured in nanoseconds (not seconds). So if you reduce this number by 60,000, it will certainly show you messages from a minute previously.

Reduce the timestamp until you locate Old messages. If you recognize your very first messages are from several months ago, you will certainly have to reduce the number significantly. (For recommendation, 1 billion nanoseconds is about 11.6 days.).

Additionally, it could be less complicated to go directly to a details timestamp if you know a rough date or month that you start chatting with a person. To find a specific timestamp, go to and key in a date. It will create a timestamp for you that you could enter into the LINK.

Keep in mind: Initially, the begin specification in the LINK would certainly permit you to leap back a defined number of messages (beginning= 123 as an example), however this specification no more works.