How to Remove A Photo In Facebook

How To Remove A Photo In Facebook - A picture could deserve a thousand words, but there seems to be one word Facebook doesn't understand: "remove.".

How To Remove A Photo In Facebook

When you remove a Facebook picture from your account you're in fact sending out a request to Facebook to remove that picture file from its servers. You would certainly anticipate the request to be completed in a practical amount of time. Ars Technica is reporting, however, that "removed" images going back regarding 2008 are still drifting about on Facebook's web servers and come to the outside world.

Remember that when an image is removed, you will not be able to get it back. To eliminate your photo from Facebook:.

1. Click the photo to open it.

2. Click Choices on the food selection bar listed below the image.

3. Select Remove This Picture and click Erase.

Keep in mind: You could only erase photos that you've posted. If you desire someone else's image removed from Facebook, ask the individual that published it to take it down. You can also get rid of a tag from a photo you're tagged in.
You can erase a photo without erasing the entire message.