How to Save Videos From Facebook to My Phone

How To Save Videos From Facebook To My Phone : In my typical aimless Facebook surfing session the other day I stumbled upon an exceptionally funny video clip that practically had me in fits of giggling. Now, this isn't really the very first such shared video clip I was watching on Facebook. I discover a number of these every now and then. Nevertheless, this particular video made me think of downloading and install and also saving it for viewing offline on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

How To Save Videos From Facebook To My Phone

I'll confess that I am not much of a download addict. I am averse to downloading such brief video since they pile up and hog area quicker than you would certainly expect. But once in a while, there are particular videos that you feel you should have on your mobile gadget, like your Android tablet computer or mobile, for sharing offline with close friends during a team banter.

So, downloading and install Facebook video clips on Android. must be a cinch, no? Well, it definitely really did not appear this way when I began trying some applications that claimed to do it flawlessly. I finally found one that functioned, and had a tidy interface sans any clutter. It is not without its problems and I'll direct them out later in the article. But it sure finishes the job completely.

Allow's see how to download and install Facebook video clips on your Android phone or tablet computer in the easiest feasible way.

Steps to Download And Install Facebook Videos to your Android.
Action 1: Download and also install the application Facebook Video Free.

Action 2: Go to the Facebook application as well as tap on the video you plan to download. You should see the app in the action menu.

You'll choose the red symbol that says Facebook Video Free and after that I suggest you choose Just When.

If you were to choose Always in the above food selection, after that each time you touch on a video clip on Facebook, it'll quickly start downloading it as well as will disappoint you the choice to choose video clip player to play it. You most likely don't require this unless you intend to download and install the video clip straight then view it.

In case you have actually picked Always erroneously and also want to return back to Simply Once, you could do clear defaults by mosting likely to the app's settings in Applications Supervisor.

Action 3: You might currently change the name of the file and also select the place where you intend to conserve the file. Right here's the funny thing, however, and also I do not know if it resembles this or was it on simply my tool that it didn't work-- it just allows you to wait in the default 'Flicks' folder. I was incapable to pick any other folder and had to emulate whatever area it selected for me.

Tip 4: Once you tap OK, it'll begin the download, a glance which you can see at the top.

The screenshots listed below reveal the 'continuous' and 'downloaded' state. It does not show any message stating the download is total.

I can see the downloaded and install video clip file in my Movies folder.

So that had to do with the app and also how it functioned. Simple and easy, however not without its issues.


1. As I pointed out symphonious 3, it didn't let me transform the area of the download. Additionally, when I moved the Movies folder to other location and then attempted downloading and install a video clip with the application, it didn't function.

2. When you touch on OK to start the download, it reroutes you to its 'Guidelines' page, which is entirely unnecessary. You need to push the back switch to return to Facebook which is a needless added step.

3. It doesn't show a 'download complete' message and also simply relies on its icon in the notification cabinet to show the progress in addition to completion of the download. Some could suggest that the icon is an indicator enough, yet if you ask me, a message should have existed.

I am curious to understand if all the above inconveniences with the application are universal, or did it simply occur on my gadget. Do try it out and also publish a comment below so that other viewers could benefit from it.