How to View Old Facebook Messages

This my blog website shows you How To View Old Facebook Messages, You can do this from within the Facebook Service provider application, or you can use the home computer Facebook site.

How To View Old Facebook Messages

Here are the actions to discover it:

1. Most likely to and choose the individual (or group).

2. Right click "See Older Messages ..." as well as duplicate the link.

3. The LINK you copied will certainly include something similar to this: & last_message_timestamp= 1234567890123-- The number in this LINK is informing Facebook what time and date to start looking for messages. This timestamp is a Unix Timestamp and also is gauged in milliseconds (not secs). So if you lower this number by 60,000, it will show you messages from a min earlier.

Reduce the timestamp until you locate Old messages. If you know your first messages are from lots of months ago, you will have to reduce the number significantly. (For reference, 1 billion nanoseconds has to do with 11.6 days.).

Conversely, it may be less complicated to go directly to a particular timestamp if you understand a harsh day or month that you start talking with somebody. To locate a specific timestamp, go to and also enter a day. It will create a timestamp for you that you could become part of the URL.

Note: Originally, the start criterion in the LINK would certainly allow you to leap back a specified variety of messages (begin= 123 for example), but this parameter no longer functions.