What Does Restricted Mean On Facebook

What Does Restricted Mean On Facebook - The restricted list is an unique friend checklist every Facebook customers has by default (you do not need to create it). People you add in the your limited friend checklist will only see your public messages as well as status updates. So if you are good friends with colleagues as well as companies and also do not want them to see any of your articles aside from public updates, the restricted checklist is the method to go.

The restricted listing is the simplest way to restrict buddies on Facebook from seeing any of your updates that are not public. You might have your Boss, your previous employers, your ex and also sensitive partnerships on Facebook, if you do not desire them to see your wall surface messages, your picture uploads, labelled images and whatever else, it would be best to include these Facebook buddies to your restricted checklist.

What Does Restricted Mean On Facebook

When you include someone to your Restricted checklist, they will only be able to see yourPublic material or messages of yours that you label them in. So if you put your manager on your Restricted checklist, post a picture and pick Buddies as the audience, your manager (and also anyone else on Restricted) will not see that image. However, if you add a tag of your boss to the image, we'll let them know they're in it. If someone else tries to tag your manager in one of your pictures, you'll get to authorize this tag from your pending posts.

You are correct on most things. If I restrict you:
- you will not turn up in my feed
- you just see public posts of posts I mark you in
- I'm uncertain you would certainly see that they have actually got "1 brand-new blog post" due to the fact that you should have been restricted from that understanding
- that restriction doesn't affect what I can see of YOUR messages. I can still see whatever someone in my group is permitted to see (depends upon your own settings).

If you wish to test what she can see of your very own stuff, go to your profile as well as under right of your cover image there are 3 dots. Click that and you could see the option to "consider as". It will take you to just how the general public see your profile. You could see a black bar under the FB bar at the top that says "this is what your timeline appears like to ..." as well as "deem particular individual".

Click "view as certain person" and also you can type the name of anyone on your pals listing to see what they see. You could click on anything listed below the black bar (of your own things that is) and also it needs to take you to that section to reveal you exactly what individuals can see. If you click anything above the black bar (on the FB bar) after that it will take you from the "consider as" thing

I frequently use this to test my protection setups. I forget whether you can alter there there, or whether I have another tab open in normal mode to alter the protection of things ... my own's very locked down