Facebook Search Friends by Location

Facebook Search Friends By Location : Smart Lists are immediately produced based on, state, which city you stay in; you cannot develop them on your own from the ground up (like you can with a Smart Playlist in iTunes, as an example).

Facebook Search Friends By Location

BUT - you can utilize this regulation to search for pals in an offered city (by temporarily altering your Present City)!

Here's exactly what you do:

1. On the Facebook web page, near the leading left, click Edit Profile

2. Under the "Living" section, click Edit to change your Current City to the preferred city (state, "Gotham").

Keep in mind: If you do not desire pals to obtain a Facebook message that you have actually relocated to Gotham, you could make the personal privacy setting for this datum to be "Just Me."

3. Head back to your Pals listing (http://www.facebook.com/bookmarks/lists) and also BOOM, a Smart List has been produced for Gotham (or wherever). Woo-hoo!

4. To see whether that Joker from senior high school is still residing in Gotham (I went a long way for that joke), click the new city list, click Manage Checklist in the top right, then click Edit List.

Instinctive? Nope. Effective? Yup.

Then, when you're done stalking your good friends in Gotham, you can change it back as well as reset the privacy setup.

Take pleasure in!