How to Delete A Video From Facebook

Nowadays, Facebook becomes a part of our day-to-day regimen. We utilize Facebook day-to-day whether for a minute but we utilize it daily to obtain updates from our loved ones. Also, we use Facebook to share pictures, video clips as well as to talk with our close friends. Yet sometimes we wish to How To Delete A Video From Facebook any kind of specific reason. Occasionally, any of our good friend tag us photo that we will not such as after that we could remove that image from our account or occasionally, we published any kind of image or video to our account incorrectly then we could also remove that picture or video clip from our account. we could also remove our older pictures from Facebook account. If you wish to remove images or videos from your Facebook account after that read this blog post thoroughly and also adhere to given instructions to eliminate photos or video clips. So currently read the process of getting rid of images and videos below.

How To Delete A Video From Facebook


1. Click and access the app cabinet on your Android device.

2. After that open up the Facebook application on your Android gadget.

3. Then touch on the box which is located on the top left edge of the Facebook app page.

4. After that select Photos choice from the dropdown checklist. It will certainly show all the images you submitted on the Facebook.

5. Navigate to the video you want to delete. (Scroll down till you locate the video clip area).

6. Mouse over the video clip you want to get rid of, then select the "Options" link located at the bottom of the screen.

7. Pick "Erase This Image."

or those who can not remove a video, the video clip greater than likely does not belong to you. I.E. You did not post the video to Facebook. In instances such as these, you have to untag on your own, ask the proprietor to take the video clip down or contact Facebook.