How to Remove Photos From Facebook

How To Remove Photos From Facebook - A picture could be worth a thousand words, but there appears to be one word Facebook does not understand: "delete.".

How To Remove Photos From Facebook

When you delete a Facebook image from your profile you're in fact sending out a request to Facebook to eliminate that picture file from its servers. You would certainly expect the request to be finished in a reasonable quantity of time. Ars Technica is reporting, however, that "removed" photos going back as far as 2008 are still floating around on Facebook's servers and also come to the outside world.

Keep in mind that when an image is erased, you won't have the ability to get it back. To remove your image from Facebook:.

1. Click the photo to open it.

2. Click Alternatives on the menu bar below the photo.

3. Select Remove This Photo and click Delete.

Note: You can only delete images that you have actually submitted. If you desire another person's photo got rid of from Facebook, ask the person who posted it to take it down. You could likewise remove a tag from a photo you're labelled in.
You can erase an image without erasing the entire article.